From 1985 until today, the history and achievements of Kitami’s training camp

The Kitami sports training camp began in 1985, originating from Meiji University’s rugby club training camp. Because it is easier to train in the low humidity nights of Kitami rather than Honshu, it became a popular spot for training. In summer, top league and university teams come to fields around the city for practice and training games.

Also, in recent years, track and field, judo, curling, skiing and various other training camps have increased in number.

There is easy access to Kitami from Memanbetsu Airport, taking about 40 minutes. Kitami also has many sports facilities, not just fields, to practice in. These include track and field stadiums, gyms, curling halls and pools. Another attraction of Kitami are the accomodations which can accommodate 3 meals a day, made from the finest ingredients Hokkaido has to offer.

In recent years, in cooperation with neighbouring municipalities, we are striving to improve participation in the camps.

From top athletes, to community teams, school clubs and sports tourism, we will accommodate all the needs of those who participate in Kitami’s training camps.

Participation record
2017 had 15 events with 178 teams and 4,471 participants
2018 had 14 events with 197 teams and 4,125 participants
2019 had 14 events with 165 teams and 3,520 participants

Universities:Doshisha University, Kyoto University, Hokkaido University Of Science.
High schools:Asahikawa Technical Highschool ,Sapporo Minami Highschool,Otaru Ouyou Highschool, Other high schools in Hokkaido.

Okhotsk Festival (All high schools in Hokkaido training camp),Tokai University Sapporo Senior High School.
Obihiro Kohryo High School, Asahikawa Kita 
High School.
Hokusyo University, Eniwa Minami High School, Iwamizawa Higashi High School, Ooasa High School, Other high schools in Hokkaido.
NEC Red Rockets, Asahikawa Kita High School, Asahikawa Nishi High School, Kushiro Syogyo High School.
Table tennis
Shibetsu Syoun  High School.
Gakushuin University, Shizuoka Sangyo University, San Spirits Tanno.

Track and Field
Industrial union middle distance, Japan Blind Marathon Association, Universal Entertainment and Industrial team, Other high schools in Hokkaido.
Kushiro Public University of Economics,  Kitami Institute of Technology, Other high schools in Hokkaido.
Hokkaido Sakae High School, Sapporo Yamanote High School, Shirakaba Gakuen Senior High School, Other high schools in Hokkaido.
【Baton Twirling】
PL Baton Twirling.
Aomori Prefecture Cycling Federation.
Japanese Curling Association, Chinese community team, 
 and other university.
Rising Alpine Ski Team, and other high schools and group


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We will inform you of the schedule
of training camps and matches in Kitami.

Kitami is a curling town!
We will introduce the facilities and match information in greater detail.

We will inform you of the schedule of training camps and matches in Kitami.

Kitami is a curling town! We will introduce the facilities and match information in greater detail.


For the training camp, please leave it to us!

If you are considering attending Kitami’s training camps, please contact us first.

We can do all the required preparations to secure you lodgings and facilities.

If you contact us, teams staying for more than 2 nights 3 days (Those wishing toparticipate in a  tournament must stay for 2 nights, 3days,excluding dates for exhibition.) will receive the most Kitami can provide!

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering having a training camp here!

Sports Division. Tanno Town Hall 2F.
Tannocho Niku 471-1. Kitami City. Hokkaido.
Kitami City Sports Traning Camp Exective Committee