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Toryo Park

Sports facilities all in one

All Field, track and field ground, baseball, tennis court, park golf field, martials arts training center, and a gymnasium all in one place!
There is a weight training room in both the martial arts center and gymnasium.
It’s only 10 min from the city center. There are rugby and track and field training camps are held on the grounds outside while volleyball, basketball and judo camps are held inside the facilities.

Martial Arts Training Hall

Built in 2013, it’s a very new facility! It also has 2 international size judo dojo, and 2 kendo dojo that can be used for various martial arts. There is also a Kyudo dojo that can fit up to 10 archers at once. Most martial arts can be accommodated. There is also a training room, which can be used during training camps in Toryo Park.

Track and field grounds

There are 8 courses of 400m all-weather urethane track made to the specifications of the Japanese Athletic Association. It is also possible to practice long jump, triple jump, pole vault, Shotput, javelin, discus, and hammer toss here. Every year in July, the medium and long-distance courses of the Hokuren Distance Challenge tournament are also held here.


The Provincial Kitami Gymnasium and the Kitami City Gymnasium are one and the same and can be used for various activities.

Ball field

The ground here can be used for rugby or soccer. Every year various tournaments and training camps are held here. During the summer rugby training camps, there is a rugby festival and top league matches are also held here.

Moiwa Sports World

Wake up in the morning with the field right in front of you

In front of the cottages, there are 4 natural grass fields. Rugby’s top league team from Kansai Australia University runs a training camp here. There are also many sloping fields where track and field training camps may be held.
Right in front of the cottages are natural grass fields! There are also tennis courts and park golf courses, as well as restaurants and yakiniku houses. Meals are also possible!

Natural Resting House Centre

Perfect for training camps!

In summer you are 5 minutes away from a natural grass field where rugby training camps can be held and in winter you are staying right at the ski hill! The man made snow can be controlled to provide a stable hard burn reminiscent of Europe, which alpine top teams love! Many teams from around Japan hold alpine training camps here. Although it is a little removed from the city centre, the cost of staying here is very low! (High school students and younger must have 15 members or more and University age and above must have 20 members or more)

In summer you can have your training camp on a natural grass field. In winter, you are staying right at the ski hill! The stable snow quality means safe surface, reminiscent of Europe, for your alpine training camp.

Heated Public Pool

From practice to cool down

There is a 25m pool within a 15 min walk from Toryo Park. It can be used for recovery, training and conditioning.
The heated public pool is 25 m long and within a 15 min walk from Toryo park. Other than swimming competitions, the pool can be used for recovery, training, and conditioning. The training room is equipped with a power plate, as well as treadmills and weight machines.

Riverbed Gurando

That player also camped at this place

The ground using the green area of the riverbed is widely used from high school students to working people.
It is the main practice ground of Yamaha Motor Jubilo, a team of Goro-maru players who played an active part in the Rugby World Cup 2015.

Advics Tokoro Curling Hall

A top-class curling hall that can be used all year round!

This indoor curling hall with a total of 6 sheets is the largest curling facility in Japan. As it is an all-season facility, the Korean international team and various international teams from other countries also use it for their training camps. Loco Solare who won silver at the 2022 Beijing Olympics in the women’s curling tournament uses this curling hall as their regular training grounds, and their win was an amazing feat making them the first team (both male and female) ever from here to win a silver medal in the category they competed in. Also, as this facility can be used by beginners and for trying out curling, teams visiting Kitami for training camps in other sports also use the curling hall for team building activities.

Argo Graphics Kitami Curling Hall

New year-round hall with Sports Performance Improvement Support System

The advanced support system for sport performance improvement at the Argo Graphics Kitami Curling Club is based on the results of latest winter sports science research conducted at the Kitami Institute of Technology.
Each support system will provide national and international elite level athletes, as well as future competitors, with comprehensive support to improve their curling performance, including the development of training methods and tactics based on sports science.

Facility MAP

Apart from the facilities already introduced, there are more than 70 other sports facilities in Kitami.
For details, please visit the Kitami City homepage.