Kitami City Gourmet


Yakiniku (BBQ)

Kitami is the Yakiniku Town.

Come try this BBQ culture,

that is just a little different.

Yakiniku in Kitami is said to have started at a place in the 1950s near what is now the southside of Kitami Station. 

When the old national railway workers finished work, they wanted a place to meet and talk and so the word of this place spread around Kitami’s citizens.

Even now after 60 years have passed, the people’s love of yakiniku remains unchanged.

Within Kitami, the number of yakiniku restaurants has increased a lot. Please come try Kitami’s yakiniku, which is just a little bit different.



Historically, the eating of pork offal became a central part of Kitami yakiniku. Now, Kitami residents feel that it is an essential part of the yakiniku experience.


Hanging Tender

As far as red meat is concerned, sagari is preferred over karubi, short rib. Actually, sagari is classified under the same internal organs as horumon as it is part of the diaphragm of a cow.

You Season the Meat Yourself.

In most Kitami restaurants, the meat is brought to the table unseasoned. Please season the meat with the salt and pepper mix and dip it in the sauce to your own liking!

Salt and Pepper mix and Fresh Sauce.

One of the special points of Kitami yakiniku is that you eat the meat after seasoning it yourself. Made from various fruits and not heated, every store’s sauce is a little different.

Okhotsk Kitami Shio-yakisoba

One of the regions original specialties.

Come taste the

deliciousness of Okhotsk!

Using the onions of Kitami, the delicious scallops of Lake Saroma,
and the natural salt of Okhotsk sea,
a delicious food was created.
Served on a hot plate you an order Okhotsk Kitami Shio-yakisoba at various restaurants.
You can erase the exhaustion of training camp with this delicious meal!


Kitami is the onion capital of Japan! They are full of sweetness and have a crunchy texture, so please try them!


The scallops from Lake Saroma, fed by the nutrients brought in by the drift ice on the Okhotsk Sea, are juicy and full of umami!


The Okhotsk area is one of Japan’s wheat producing areas. There are also many wheat fields in Kitami. The noodles made from Hokkaido wheat will fill you right up!